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Hey Guess What?
April 1st, 2019, 4:07 pm
Guess who's back? Some stuff has apparently changed around here- Most importantly, Admin has a real staff now which I hope will lead to more sense and accountability. Also when I messaged them turned out Admin relisted my comic at some point when I made my sidebars fancier and just, never told me? Good management. Still, there's been some changes, so, optimism~

Also for everyone who followed me on other sites, I'm so sorry, life hit me like a truck right after this whole sidebar business drained me anyways, but I'm getting it back together. Hope y'all like what I've got coming~

Edit: Also Happy April Fools day, the joke is that this is for real o/


Is this an April Fools joke (considering the timing of your return) or are you staying for real?
@dmr11: I'm staying for real (barring some kind of unforseen drama) but actually you make a good point, I forgot to mention this in post
The best prank is the ones that aren’t a prank but people think it’s a prank so your pranking them by not pranking them so they think they’ve been pranked.

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