Milos from Home

I might try a new way of 'coloring' soon though, more like my casual way and how I did the danganronpa short comic I made?

Author Notes

Someone gets a clue!
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They're so screwed
Cheese it!
New plan, run like hell! XD
PFFFT @POKEMON160: Exactly what I was thinking! There dragging the whole dungion LOL
Don't get too worn out before reaching Skarmory.
"I'm going to use my ultimate technique... Running away!!" (Yup jojo reference).
Excuse me author, how do I verify myself on discord? It keeps telling me to verify on smackjeeves but I already did. I really want to introduce myself.
@Praying Kabutops: I'm not really sure what's going on here? Discord should just use email verification. I'm not sure what introductions is about either, but you can dm me on smackjeeves too
@AgentNein: Alright, Thanks!