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NOTE: After Sunday's page, I'm gonna be returning to a weekly schedule for the time being. I've gotta work up something like 2000 dollars for wisdom teeth removal for my partner/roommate so I gotta focus on working that out. We have some but man... I really hate dentists and medical care here lmao)

Anyways, stay tuned next week and I might have commission details up if y'all wanna help me :'D Or like, a news post
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Great page! I'd totally commission you... If I had a job. ^^;
@Clarthon: I appreciate it~ Just boost me when I put the sheet up if you now people who might want something, yeah?
Gotta get that Dental Health I had my wisdom teeth removed too!
There are some things that you might not expect or think to ask about.

There are two ways it's often done- they knock you out and take your teeth out, or you stay awake and they numb you up to take your teeth out. I was knocked out with laughing gas for mine, but they also applied localized anesthesia so I wouldn't be in pain when I woke up.

Yeah, my tongue was numb for like, 2 entire days. I had a lot of trouble speaking, so I had to write stuff down until I could move my tongue again.

The easiest (read: only) things for me to eat for the first 3-5 days or so were applesauce, pudding cups, and milkshakes. (You can make your own by just putting a scoop of ice cream in a cup, adding some milk, and stirring it up with a spoon. Don't use flavors that have any big or small chunks Ex. Cookies and cream, Mint chocolate chip)
My gums were numb for a similar amount of time, and had stitches, which dissolved away after ~1-2 months.

I'd say the best things to do are to stay on top of your pain medication, always try to have cold ice packs for your face (they help so so much) and to be very careful and thorough about cleaning your mouth and the holes you're going to have until your gums seal up. Those get infected SUPER easily, but fortunately cleaning them with salt water works really well, and if you DO get an infection you can clean THAT out with saltwater too and it'll go away in ~2-3 days.

Just know that if your pain level increases at all, or if your face or mouth feels much warmer than usual, you should double check for food or infection in your gums.

Your gums will seal up in a few weeks to a month, and your stitches should fall off/disappear ~1-2 weeks afterwards.

I wish you the best of luck! If you've got any questions for what wisdom teeth surgery and recovery is like, I'll be happy to answer them!
It has been a while so my estimates may be a bit off, but I hope this helps you out!
@WISDOM TEETH: Aah, I appreciate it! Honestly I haven't even thought about what comes after, I've been too worried about the price tag :')
Good luck with the dentist. You should draw something while you're still high off the Novocaine or Ketamine or whatever they give you. I wonder what your drugged out mind would come up with.
@PJSam: Oh, it's not for me thankfully but since we live together it's kind of important regardless. I might take requests from them while they're drugged though.
No kidding!
They seem a little young to go spelunking.
Yay for US dental care. I might be interested in those commissions.