Milos from Home

Have I mentioned I got super into danganronpa?

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Man, I vibe with this 'vee. Guy's like, "I wanna nap."
Friend: "Then nap."
Me: "But I don't wanna."
Friend: "You just said..."
Me: "Need to nap soon."
Friend: "Nap in your grave."

Then they end up throwing a grenade at me. We're all pretty bad with friendly fire in our games XD
@Spatan98: lol yyeeeuup sounds about right.
Friendly fire can end friendships soo easy *-*
Friendly fire is what friendships are made of. Too bad for riley PMD doesn’t allow friendly fire(baring moves like earthquake i mean)
Who needs rests and naps? There's a Diglett to save.
For a second there I thought Milo just straight up murdered that Machop by knocking it off the cliff.
Milo, buddy. it ain't good to be running on adrenaline.

at some point it's gonna stop and you'll turn into jelly