Milos from Home

I thought I might end up helping on a study on yellow poplar weevils, but I really don't think I'm gonna have the time. :(

Author Notes

Said it before and I'll say it again. Not a fan of the Machoke line. They were a pain in this dungeon though.
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Well now ^^; He reminds me of ash from the Pokemon series ROFL which makes total sense.
Ash the Eevee is from pallet town!
lol that would be interesting actually.
@Umbreon5456: *V* ha that would be funny
Looks like Milo’s either got Anticipation or is just really good at dodging.
@BudgieGryphon: Hypno would certainly disagree on both counts
woof, i really feel like milo's gonna have this cockiness bite him in the butt, machop against an eevee? not good
@cloudpool: lol agreed.
@cloudpool: The game certainly seems to think it's fine
I love running eevee in PMD. Makes the game actually feel easier.. but this dungeon has a difficulty spike that is harder than needed without running a normal type through a dungeon filled with fighting and rocks... Poor Milo. RiP his cockiness.
@Celestirr: Yeah lmao, I looked at this dungeon like, this was specifically made to spite me, huh?
Oh boy, be careful milo! XD