Milos from Home

I also acquired a Mean Bean addiction over vacation. Curse you expensive energy coffee drinks!

Author Notes

Machoke look so freaky... I would say I hope I never have to draw them with any proper focus, but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna corner myself there anyways.
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machoke are really weird, they're just so humanoid compared to so many other pokemon
@Pokemon151: Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!
@PJSam: No! No! No!
Definitely don’t want to run through that.
Which one will win?
Will it even be relevant to the plot?
Oh, so the crash wasn’t plot. HOW COULD YOU BETRAY ME TROPES!
oh geez, what's that now
Really? They’re fighting? I wouldn’t have figured that out without your help man.
The age old question. are they capable of taking their underwear off or is it part of their anatomy...


or both..?
I’m not too sure why, but the angle on the last panel looks really cool and I really like it!! Gj dude!