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Well I thought it was funny. Also it's kinda funky to see how much they've changed.

Also if you wanna help buy me a switch:
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Oooo its real this time guys :3
@AgentNein: Dude, I'd help you if I could, but I'm broke. And am I correct in assuming that Pokemon Sword and Shield are the only reasons you're using gofundme to buy a Switch?
@Blaze01: Yeah, I was talking about my habit of avoiding spoilers not mattering because I wasn't gonna get to play anyways, and then this ended up happening XD Got Breath of the Wild and some Fire Emblem game on the wishlist too
@AgentNein: Same here. I WAS saving for a new laptop, but I changed my mind as soon as gen 8 got announced. AAAANNNNDDD... now my old laptop is completely unusable, so yay! I gotta wait for my tax return! I love being an adult! Seriously though, I got BotW, and it is every bit as good as people say, you're gonna love it.