Milos from Home

"Pelipper is a flying transporter that carries small Pokémon and eggs inside its massive bill." (Platinum)

Author Notes

Y'all ever read Pelipper's dex entry?

Oh right that little star thing, guess I gotta explain that now. So that teleport crystal system thingy? That's no longer a thing! I do still like the idea of course, but I think it works better for this story without it. Tbh it came from pokemon making a teleport gem at the end game and I wanted SOME precedent for that. Other things that are no longer a thing: Riley didn't write a paper application to apply to be on a rescue team. I miiiight talk about it more in the next interlude?

EDIT: I want my last page this chapter to end on a Sunday like my usual schedule so, bonus page :v
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Oh no, bab, here we go,,,
I would get nervous.
Oh man I thought they were gonna jump in the mouth :^)
Teleport crystals The teleport crystals can still be a thing. They just unexpectedly quit working like the evolution stones.
@Foxyjosh: That's a good reasoning.
get into his mouth