Milos from Home

I just hope the comic getting messier won't turn too many people away :'D

Author Notes

Hey guess what? I lied, I'm impatient, so for rest of this chapter, I'm gonna keep the twice a week updates~ Mostly likely this won't be the case for the next chapter until I'm sure I can keep it up regular enough (and hit a patreon goal probably, but that's To Be Announced)
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OH i get your plan now. i'm so glad these are the guys to do it
@Tehpikachu: :3c I like them a lot too! One day I kinda wanna do sketches and short bios for town NPCs just to collect
I'm glad that you've gone down in the art quality.

I think that if you kept up with the same amount of quality you did in some of your earlier pages, you wouldn't ever get to finish this comic properly.

Personally, i came here for a good story. Not to look at pretty pictures. ;)

Anyway, thanks for the page!
@LordGimsbury: That's really good to hear honestly// I just hope you like the story I've got planned~ Thanks for reading and commenting!
That sableye reminds me of Stitch from Lilo ans stitch for some reason
@Guest: That is EXACTLY my inspiration!
@AgentNein: Inb4 Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.
When did you come back to Smackjeeves? I've been waiting for updates on Tapas for a year! When did you make the announcement?
@Foxyjosh: I came back April first! It seemed fitting considering the timing of when I left. But pretty soon after I dropped from Smackjeeves, I had a lot of personal life issues come up, so I just wasn't making the comic period. I really should update on Tapas though or at least let people know I'm back here :'D Sorry for disappearing like that!
tbh? considering what the very start of the story looked like, i don't call that a downgrade in quality – quite the opposite, actually!
they all look so cute aaaa.
and i haven't understood yet what mili has in mind, but i can't wait to know <3
Honestly, a sketchier style is never bad... Sometimes, I feel an artist's personality comes through best in such raw lines. I feel this applies to yours too!
I didn’t understand this page too much when I read it the first time but as read it now again (because wynaut) and OMG MILO if you’re thinking what I think you’re thinking you’re a motherflipping eevee genius!