Milos from Home

I haven't drawn Butterfree in so long wow. It's hard to resist the Milo "I feel like I haven't seen you in a year" but I think I already made that joke

Author Notes

Since I forgot last time like a Fool, this is Matt from The Stars Shine Bright which is a super cool awesome comic you can read here:
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@AgentNein: Aww I love how you've designed butterfree! All the Pokemon have such splendid designs, but I think butterfree is one of my favorites! It's so nice how kind and soft she is.
@GreyCorsola: I'm glad! I worry going more bug is offputting to some people, but I have fun with it!
Matt has the amazing ability to travel to different dimensions just for cameos.
Pfft- obviously
I hope it's okay if i let everyone here know about r/pokemoncomix , a place for pokemon comic readers and creators to discuss things and promote comics