Milos from Home


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I feel like I’ve seen this raichu somewhere
Mee too
It reminds me of the Raichu in the comic of on borrowed time
@Pokemon151; he's originally from The Stars Shine Bright, actually haha. the raichu in OBT is also Matt, and so is this
That's one fluffy (chunky) rai. Cute, too. Cans I hugs her? Or him. Can't really tell.
Matt is able to dimension hop
I really like the way you've done your comic so far! How each Pokemon really feels like You've given it it's own personality! The world feels so developed, like Is a similar scenario was to happen in the real world it would make logical sense why Pokemon would feel the way they will and how that effects others! Not everyone is kind but there is kindness. It's like the poor babies are in over their heads and are just barely going to scrape by. Poor Milo is completely foreign to this world but is taking it in stride, moving forward and attempting to learn the only way they know how.

Very good comic and I appreciate the work you're doing! Please do keep it up!
@GreyCorsola: Oh my gosh thank you this comment was really lovely and it made my day I'm glad you like my work so much ; v ; <3
@AgentNein: Thank you very much for creating the wonderful comic!
Ok, is Matt just everywhere now? He already appeared in two comics and this time he bumps the record to three.
@Guest: He goes wherever he needs to. Sometimes that means hopping dimensions/universes