Milos from Home


Author Notes

EDIT: Whoops, accidentally uploaded the same page twice, fixed now though! Soon though we're coming to an end of the twice a week updates (though maybe one day I'll be able to make it a regular thing~)
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back in business Dargh! I love this comic! I'm glad you're back among the living, buddy!

(Edit) I feel like the kitten there is gonna snatch up Milos coin, or he's gonna get into an argument with Mr. Merchant, there

(Second edit) Woah! i swear i posted this at the last page wtf?
@LordGimsbury:sljdfhskj I'm glad you like it and glad to be back to the living!
The moment you realize Milos but the Emboar
Panel 4 *floof*
angry floof!
I can relate, I hate it when people help me.