Milos from Home

Happy Cinco DeMayo y'all

Author Notes

Persian would leave your high five hanging and feel no remorse.
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@Emc_502: "ew children"
It’s so hanging...
I love them I love that Meowth, they look so happy!
Just found out this is back and I'm so happy!!!
@Aeon#3547: Glad to have you still reading :D
@AgentNein: This is adorable XD The meowth is so full of energy and happiness and you make the movement between each panel so fluid like (while not animation obviously) i mean it like we can actually visualize how their previous panel position lead to the next PX
@Ryan Prower: Ah, thank you! Movement's something I try really hard to get so I'm glad it comes across well
Oo~ Persian's gem looks a little cracked!

Reminds me of Lapis