Milos from Home

It's sort of nice to pretend I have a buffer

Author Notes

Getting water stuck in your ear is just the worst
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@AgentNein: Tell me about it
It’s the worst
agghh it's awful.
@AgentNein @Pokemon151 @BudgieGryphon: No, getting a bug stuck in your ear is the worst. Your welcome for the nightmares.
@Blaze01 *insert incoherent screaming here*
@BudgieGryphon: .....My work is here is done...
@AgentNein: What a coincidence, got it in there as well since two days :/ Hope you're all right now
It's back! Finally! I've been checking on this comic for months now and it's finally starting up again!
@Moosh: Glad to be back :D
Its especially awful when your ears are double your head size
Oh Milo is going to try a pacifist run?
Interesting to see it.