Milos from Home

Unfortunate that coffee doesn't exist here

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Those two are in for one heck of a surprise.
Those "kids" got some stones. They're goin for that captured kid.
Why is this Drowzee such an ass?
Hypno, pretty sure
@WiispNightmare: You're right, my mistake. Why is this Hypno such an ass?
@WiispNightmare: Jaded world view?
@PJSam: I'd guess that they get a lot of kids who don't understand that they can die horribly on the job and just think it's cool and hypno is tired of them. And our bois did kinda present themselves *just a bit* poorly, lending to that idea of them being just more kids wasting her time.

Can't wait for the moment she realizes they actually went though, I wonder how that'll go
@DuskPhoenix: :3c
You gonna eat them words soon enough, m'friend
Was prob bad as Drowzee too
@PJSam: She's probably pissed that her species kinda sucks for a Psychic type...