Milos from Home

Guess who's back

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*eyes calendar*
I'm not quite sure what to think.
@AgentNein: Dude, are you alright? Haven't seen you here in a long time. Last time you were here you were pressured by the cover. Anyways, welcome back.
@Darvin: Yeah I'm good, it's been a long year haha. And thanks!
@AgentNein Welcome back! How are you doing?
@IdontCaboose: I'm good and thanks! At the moment I'm remembering why I'd usually do all replies in a separate post :'D
uhh, is this a Birthday Joke or somethin'...?
@AgentNein: welcome back then!
the long con april fools joke comes full circle
@Tehpikachu: What can I say, I play the long game and there are no prizes
Welcome back, we missed you.

*Looks at previous page hover text*
Yeah, you were not kidding.
@Chronos: I about choked when I went back and read the text holy shit slkdjfhs Also good to be back!