Milos from Home

I spent way too long on this oops

Author Notes


After thinking about it for a good while (and by a good while I mean about two days), I've finally decided to take the leap and reboot Milos from Home! Instead of being plain pokemon, Milo, Riley, and the rest of the cast are gonna be gijinkas/furries, however you wanna call it! More humanoid creatures with pokemon traits in any case. How far on the furry scale they are will depend on the individual and honestly just what I feel like designing them as.

Hypno's already pretty anthro herself, so I guess she can stay as is. Oh man, and then there's the potential for bug people with extra eyes and limbs. Merpeople too for fish? Rad as heck. Anyways, I'm pretty excited for where this comic's going, and if you wanna see more stuff like the next page, that's up on Patreon ;3c
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top kek. you best not!
i'll be upsetti in the sphagetti if i dont get me precious eevee Milo. you wouldnt like me .. upsetti, in the. sphagetti.
...This is an April Fools joke, isn't it. I mean hey, I think it would be sweet either way, but it is April 1st, so, yeah, I don't know if I believe you.
Wow, so many PMD comics are changing their characters to furries. I wonder why? *wink wink*
first pika and now nein

if woo follows this anthro-fying trend then this is a confirmed april fools joke
@TheJGamer: What can I say, Pika and Woo are two of my biggest inspirations <3
Umm, I think you better look at Woo's comic...
I mean hell i'm down but it's also april fool's sooooooooooo
How much people... Are doing this april fools joke, next thing you know everybody on smackjeeves just turns into their inner furry lmao.
That might not be a good thing for some people...
(This is a reply for Noahepix)
Just think of all the HANDS you'll have to draw now!
@Flame Shadow: You know what, you make a good point. Reboot canceled, heck to that
Real talk though Milo is rocking that poncho
2018 is really the year of reboots but hay I’m not complaining yay for reboots
People are concerned if this is an april fools joke or not, I am just concerned about the fact that they wear robes instead of clothes to cover themselves up.
I'm loving April 1st xD
He does look good. Perfect for an indie RPG
he looks so good here its amazing the length for a joke. and if its not, ehh im here still.
So instead of doggie boots we now have PEOPLE BOOTS!
With the amount of people doing this joke, you would think it was for real. I guess that's the point.
@AgentNein: im taking guess a saying it a April fools thing
@AgentNein: I'd love to have both versions tho! XD pokemons and gijinkas are awesome
Uhh... this is April fools joke...right?