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Im ready to sleep for a year

Author Notes

Lmao I'm late but it be like that I guess, I am so tired :'D That Weaville? That me
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now the "cute eevee" is angry.
inb4 "Now listen here, you li'l ———."
That eevee... that's me. >_>
Oh boy Milo's gone mad
It's Weavile with only one L tho
I gotta say, I honestly love your take on this mission and how this Rescue Team organization acts.

In the games all the pokemon have "pride as rescuers", and though they might get frightened sometimes, they never give up on helping people in need. But here, Hypno and Weavile are completely uninterested in rescuing a kidnapped child, and see his desperate father as a nuisance. It's an interesting interpretation of the Pokemon world, and it kind of gets deep when you consider how some authorities act IRL.

Anyway, this comic really is a joy to read. sorry for the wall of text lol
@Smiles go for miles: Wall of text is fine omg, I'm always happy to read these even if not responding cause I'm easily overwhelmed and dunno what to say :'D But yeah I have fun with the Rescue Teams :3c
Ok so I’ve deducted through much deadest h that hypno’s team are greedy assholes
Reasearch* man I can’t edit these in my phone and I’m too lazy to go on a computer.
i have a hunch. that the next mon is a ghost type