Milos from Home

Spring break, not really much of a break unfortunately :'D But it's good to have my pen back <3

Author Notes

Wow alright SO gotta say it's good to finally have a page again, even if I'm still scrambling with catchup, but yeah~ What a place to leave off though :'D Anyways, Kudos to everyone who guessed Weaville, you got it right! :D Lycanrock was a guess too though, I definitely see the resemblance, especially with the hunch.

Thank y'all for stickin with me through the unexpected break <3
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these are the most cheerful caracters i've seen in any comic, ever.
i mean this is fuckin basic monday shit right here, look gloomy answer with 100% sass and give no fucks. i love it, and it also reminds me it's monday tomorow.
..mondayyy, yaaaaay.
@Mujaffa: Man if that ain't the biggest mood :'D 12 hour school day tomorrow and the work don't stop comin
@AgentNein: damn, that's like 11 hours too much schooling for one day that, good luck dude! caffeine is friend!
blah potato
Weavile is a mood.
Another one with a good mood, perfect.
Whispers silently: I think you forgot the k in breakfast (panel 2)
@venami: Damn, and I thought I'd been doing better with typos TvT Thank you though, lemme see if I can fix it
Ah yes I remember the Diglett mission well
Oh I belive that you*re happy
This wacom pens are hell of expensive. One colleague of my SO throw one of our tablet pens awy since he though it dosen*t write anymore (like a ballpen on paper.... ) Ugh such an idiot. At least we got a new one paid by the company. But really how stupid can some people be 0,= what did he thought the buttons were for? Change the color?!
Anyways great page and great character dynamic between those two xD. And Weavile probabbly thinks so yea daytime sucks anyway. I gonna remind myself of the question if someone pissed in his breakfast. Thats gold xD
Hey, Nashew, aren't you forgetting something? (Assuming you've already read this page, if not, just ignore my dumb***)
wassup with the circled H on weaviles speech bubble? just wondering
I think that’s to say that hypno is talking
So I spent... more time than I'm going to admit trying to figure out what that weavile reminded me of, and it just now struck me: the animalistic slouch, the "done-with-your-shit" expression... it's a dead-ringer for the Charr from Guild Wars.

There's no purpose to this whatsoever, I just thought it was interesting.
I'm just happy your back
It's spelled Weavile tho? Unless that's the name in another lamguage?

I'm glad Hypno isn't shouting at our team anymore, tho...
I cqn tell where this is going, that old weaville is goana tell us that someone needs rescuing or that their dead.
Neither prospect is that great.

Though is diglett kidnapped or does he need kidnapping?
ha ha ha! hell yeah! seems like this comic is back in buisness!
"These two piss in your breakfast or somethin'?" oh my god that line killed me GG GG