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I didn't know fevers go up and down until like, a few days ago? I thought it just went up and then it went down and ta-da, no more fever. But NOPE. No wonder my temp's been bouncing around, I thought this thing was just a really shitty thermometer. 

I'm still gonna fight it if it breaks a hundred again, I need to go back to school already.

Author Notes

Still got no pen, and I caught, idk the flu? I caught something that's got me down with a fever and sleeping a lot, and a touch too dizzy and weak to be hauling stuff around to look for that pen. I am not looking forward to the catchup work from school lmao. Conveniently this week what I do got is an interview on the Nuzlocke Forums about my comic stuff, including my page process so I feel less bad about getting up this placeholder cover I been meaning to have at the beginning anyways.

Interview here:

And a special shoutout to my newest patron, I don't know who you are on here and I'm sorry this is the worst timing but that really lifted my spirits with what's been a pretty rough last couple of weeks <33 Thank you also to my patrons who've been supporting me all this while, it super means a lot!

I'm gonna hazard the guess that between moving houses, catchup on schoolwork, and general I don't know where the pen is, even if I find it, I'm probably not gonna have a page out next week. If I can't find it in that week, I might just have to bite the bullet and drop 70 bucks or however much I can find one for on a new pen, and then there's the shipping time to wait for it. I got an idea of what I might be able to do if I can figure it out for the next two weeks but, we'll see ;P
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@AgentNein: I'd love to read that interview, but it says that access has been blocked by the admin. Does that mean I have to make an account or something?

Also, I'm sorry to hear that you're sick! Get well soon!
@TheJGamer; ohh right, yes. many places on the nuzforums require an account to view unfortunately
@TheJGamer: I've been told another reason could be if you're trying to access it on mobile if your phone uses T-mobile, you'll be IP blocked. Some sort of spammer they've been having difficulty with. I hope that helps? And thank you!!
Ah, well, if it gets any worse you might want to go in. I've heard far too many horror stories about people who thought they could handle it...

Regardless, have fun looking for your pen, kyek
@AgentNein: Don't worry, I didn't become a patron for the comic, it was because I think you deserved way more money than you got.

I'm low on cash right now but I've Got minimal expenses so if you can wait until the new month I'd gladly donate however much you need (within reason of course) for the replacement pen
Virtual chicken soup and hopes for a speedy recovery. (Or veggy soup, if that's not your sort of thing.)

Interesting comic so far, though I was a bit sad at first when the style became less adorable. It's not at all that the current style is bad, just that I wasn't expecting the sudden shift. XD I'll check in from time to time to see if you track down that wayward pen. (Hope you don't need to purchase a replacement!)
The pages seem too large for my tablet
What is a nuzlocke? I'm finally asking what a nuzlocke is. From what I can gather, you're bound to game laws and can't break them in any way or something like that, pls correct me if I'm wrong.