Milos from Home

Tbh the apartment flooding is about the last thing I needed with schoolwork piling on but that's life I guess.

Author Notes

So I dunno how much I really emphasized that this is based on a gameplay run. I'd meant to do this at a better time but uh, that leads to my next announcement.

Yesterday when I went to get my pen to work on the update, I couldn't find it and still haven't found it. It's very possible I lost it in the chaos when the apartment flooded a few days ago. The damage, could've been a lot worse, managed to keep the water from getting to the computer, but when I was called from drawing when I pipe broke, I wasn't too focused on what I was doing with my pen.

I can't remember for sure if I had it any time after that, and right now everything stored in the closets is still all over the place from drying the carpets so it's hard to get around and look in those places. Worst comes to worst, I may have to look into buying a new one, but they're uh, really expensive so we'll see haha. I'll try to have, something next Sunday and things until I get my pen back or get a new one? I'm not sure yet. :'D

TLDR: Tablet pen's lost so until I find it or get a new one, page is delayed. Thank y'all for being patient <3
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Oh shoot, that must've been seriously chaotic and hard on you! Hope you find that pen of yours, and if not, Amazon Prime to the rescue!
Ahhh I wish you luck with finding or getting a new pen. I just hope you don't end up in a situation where you buy the new pen and then find the old one. Also I myself don't like using reviver seeds px so I like how you exclude them (I suggest you include a skit where they just sell off the lot of reviver seeds or can only use them on non-members lol
@Ryan Prower: Honestly, I can't stand having to grind levels for, like, a week (in real life) to get past a part of the actual story, so I always end up relying on reviver seeds way too much... But then again, I always try to get Cubone in Red Rescue Team, so Articuno is a HUGE pain in the ass... F*** you, Powder Snow, you suck!
@Blaze01: ...I just usually keep trying the same dungeon again and again until I get very lucky.
Moltress was always worse for me than Articuno, but I'm usually not Cubone.
@AgentNein: sorry to hear about that man... but hey good art is worth the wait and you DEFINATLY do good art. ;>
Nuzlocke, Nuzlocke, always with the Nuzlocke.... >.<
@Guest: Can't wait for the tragic loss of party members!
I like it. It's like Nuzlocke, formed to fit onto PMD. Nice.
How many chapter's Hello, Im wondering how many chapters there's going to be so I can save them to my flash drive for later use.