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So apparently Shinka: The Last Eevee is getting rebooted? The old one seems to be part of a lot of people's early pokemon comic experiences, and though I'd never heard of it before getting into the community, I have to say I'm pretty excited? It's lovely so far 2 pages in, and SilverLunarWing seems pretty cool themselves, so I'm excited to see where it goes!

Author Notes

Sounds effects: still kill me. How do you even write a cough in English letters? And of course...

(TV Announcer voice): "Who's that pokemon!?"
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I say its Weavile because of the three fingers\claws.
@Experiment04LLZ: Agreed! Let's hope this one is nice...
@Experiment04LLZ: I agree it's either that or a Sneasle... plus the tail/feathery looking thing that Weviles and Sneasles have appears very slightly at the very edge of the frame.
Hopefully this newcomer isn't an ass.
@PJSam: it's a little late for that we already see a piece of that in the last panel.
Well, hello there mystery mon
I'd say a rattata ?
Sooo... is that the REAL representative?

Because I've felt this misunderstanding vibe since the moment Riley spotted that Hypno.
@Nashew: I can already tell where you're going with this...
Milo and Riley look so innocent in that last frame
Obviously a jogglypuff seen from above.
from fury to wha... in like half a second!
I don't know.... At first I was thinking likenrock but when I saw someone saying weavile, I was thinking of there reasoning but then I had no idea because it looks like something more like likenrock. But then it only has 3 claws. likenrock has more from what i know. I have no idea here. Besides, it is possible that the author could have edited the Pokemon. Speaking of editing, I realized that the author edited Eevee during the story. I don't know why since Eevee didnt evolve. Although to tell you the truth, I really like Eevee and there evolution's. The proof is on page 10-20 on chapter one. Does anyone know the reason for this because I certainly don't know.
@Umbreon5456: The "editing" isn't anything intentional. Eevee itself hasn't changed, only the artist's style. 4 months passed between pages 13 and 14, then there was only about one page per month until page 19 when things started becoming regular again.
I think the new style is amazing and presents an interesting take on many Pokemon designs. I've always been a fan of "realistic" takes on Pokemon and I think this style is a nice medium between the hyper-realistic designs and the official art style. Many of the official designs work well as static art in the games, but don't translate well into comics for expressing movement, so many Pokemon comic artists take certain liberties with the official designs. Even the official Pokemon manga has some interesting designs.
My first impression was that the newcomer was a Drowzee, but the fur pattern is wrong for that. I think Weavile is a pretty strong contender.
@Hawk: Well, I suppose your right. And the reply for the eevee changing concept: Oh that might explain it. ^_^'
Well, what I really like is the regular Eevee kind of art. But, that is not me saying oh his drawing is horrible! It is pretty good. I have to admit it. ;)
@Umbreon5456: It's just the fact that Eevee has changed way to quickly for just a few pages and kind of confuses me.
loving the eevee floof on wider shots to the sharp side views and snarls
Who's That Pokemon? I'd bet that's a Midnight Lycanroc. It has a hunch,and the paws look like a Lycanroc.
Is this comic on hiatus now?
The creator lost his art pen but is getting a new one
Yah I would say that's a weaville.