Milos from Home

Man I still feel weird about how I do the non-word sounds and little symbols? Idk

Author Notes

*screams* This page took way longer than I thought, and this semester's eating away so much time TvT

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Once again Milos is an independent ‘mon who dont care ‘bout what other thinks about what he says. He does what he wants
give him a chance jees
YES! Get 'em, Milo. I agree, psychics are OP as heck.
@Starflight: you can just call a dark type to help with psychics types but then again they were broken in gen 1.
@hixidas: True! Poor Milo, this must be so infuriating
Milo speaks truth!
“Battles don’t give you a fair chance, kid.”
Milo you need to evolve into an umbreon and kick his a**!! Wait... evolution doesn't work... y doh
Milo preach!
u tell her, Milo! shes being a picky bitch when she hasnt even given u a chance! she threw u into the lake when u were half-asleep then uses Telekinesis on u when u attempt to attack and still claims u arent ready!
@AgentNein: there isn't any "fair chance" in this world, you simply have to do whatever it takes to stay alive, honorable or not.
I am wondering when he will bring up that he was up all last night (I think) helping people recover after the earthquake.