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So many layers on this one......

Author Notes

Phew, spent a bit of time trying to figure out the attack effects but I'm preeeeeetty happy how this came out?

I didn't actually realize I dropped Hypno's pronoun for the first time in comic until I got comments about it but yeah, she's a bitter old lady lmao. Riley ain't know back on page 11 hence the "There they are!", where now they've got a feel for her "voice". (See notes on Pokemon Language earlier in comic.) Saw plenty of people defaulting to he/him which is kinda funny to imagine up against how I got her in my head, but didn't seem worth going up to talk about it in comments since it'd probably come up eventually anyways and it's not suuuuuper important.

I didn't know anything about the gender differences in-game tbh, but it's neat to know~ I never really look up that sort of thing because the differences are usually so minor it'd be lost in variation from individual to individual (which I hope I can pull off haha.)

Thank y'all for the comments, always love them, and sorry to anyone who was looking forward to a legit fight :'D Rest in pieces kiddo.
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fugin rekt
@Guest: That's probably the only reason they added the Dark type, to nerf Psychic, like the Fairy type nerfed Dragons.
Tbh tho psychic types are OP XD
Psychic to OP plz nerf and find easier to spell name
*sm4sh mewtwo flashbacks*
I wonder if he wont use the stone at this point, and give the same retort with the immunity to stuff he can do.
I agree with milo
*terrible op psychic flashback*
reply just badass that psychic
Milo might hate Drowsee but, as least he will still be alive to hate her.

Maybe try a ranged attack.
That Hypno may be an ass, but hey, at least no one got hurt. If the Hypno got hit, Milo would be screwwwwwed.
Everyone's talking about OP phsycic flashbacks, but in general 1, freezing was like burn or poison,and needed an item to heal. Also it is super effective vs dragon and everyone forgets that.
Why does that last exchange remind me of...

- This is madness.
Cue in Caterpie - Psychics are afraid of bugs xD
@AgentNein: this is why I make a team of opposing types when I play Pokemon... because psychic beats just about anything if used right - dark negates psychic - add in a fighting, dragon, or ghost typing and you're golden... this of course depends on the move-set and team order but it's worth it in the long run - especially if you compete.

also can I just say how much I love this comic's story and art and everything ok thanks