Milos from Home

This is the last page I had lined from a month ago it's all sketches from here, rip me??

Author Notes

Wet fur, annoying to draw, probably more annoying to have.
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I'd make a joke here, but I think only a few would get it. More specifically, Dragon Ball fans that watch a certain parody fan-dub.
I'd argue for teaching how to counter-attack first rather than how to dodge first

Then Milo would be a mean floof
"I just wasn't ready!"

That's the problem then pooch, eh?
Milo is ANGER boi >:o

also i love Riley's expression, its pretty much his fault that Milo got thrown into the water XP
As he went toss his earlier all i heard was from a distance... "DOOOOOOOOOOOOOODGE"
Now is the point in the story where Milo tells Hypno that he has been up all night helping put tents back up after the earthquake.

And shakes his fur like a puppy-dog.
“I just wasn’t ready!” Hypno will probably say something like “you won’t be ready in a dungeon” and if I were milos I would say “you literally attacked me out of nowhere and we were talking and you showed no signs of being pissed”
@Shadow_Strikr: Very true. Another point you could make is that during a mission just about everyone you meet would likely be an enemy that will attack, whereas they aren't ON a mission at the moment and have no reason to expect an attack.
Well in the games at least not so much in this story, remember the mightyena’s?
No... What page #?
Chapter 1 page 10
Ahhh poor eevee px he must be so exhausted now than before. >~<
I mean, enemies aren't going to wait for you to be ready, Milo. Course in his defense he probably won't be entering any dungeons after a night of little sleep.
@VelvetRainbow: but this is not a dungeon or a 'wild' area so he had no reason to think that he would be attacked like that.
That made laugh a bit
I mean it made me laugh a bit (I'm so bad at typing)
Darn it! Ya beat me to it.