Milos from Home

Man I'm so so not ready for the holidays to be over aaaaaaaaaaaa

Author Notes

This was fun to draw~
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there goes any chance of being a rescue team

also first
o no the break is over for the 5 year long boss fight
i lov
Boo :v
Now we can say that Riley is a chicken (gOt iT?! :V)
@Eevee power: boooooooooooo bad pun/joke
@Eevee power: Such bad pun. I love it.
@Iru: there way to many pun makers in the world already
In Riley’s defense, that Hypno is pretty terrifying XDD
A little late for Halloween, eh?
To be honest, this hypno is just doing his job, making sure that they dont die in a dungeon. Kinda like how drill sergeants are so tough on soldiers.

Fantastic art and comic by the way, i really enjoy reading it!
Hypno used Scary face!
It's super effective!
Riley has escaped!
New challenger appeared, Milo is pissed.
@hixidas I know it’s a bad pun, that’s the reason why I post it because it isn’t funny, it’s sarscam, something not necessary that doesn’t actually make you laugh, so it’s a bad pun? Yeah, and there’s nothing wrong with that in my opinion
Riley pls
Riley is starting not to like this guy. Great page by the way!!
fifty keks maybe this will actually convince Hypno to let them join a team, since they know to run when there's danger rather than risk their lives

Great comic, keep it up!
Fun to Draw I bet it was.
hypno must have to do this alot.

How does a fire chicken Sweat? i bet Riley is glad that he isn't a on fire fire type. he can get wet.
I just imaging Hypno doing the most laid-back and unenthusiastic 'boo' ever.

then promptly getting tackled by Milos from the side

@hixidas: bad puns are the best puns
yeah don't CHICKEN out hixidas. but also don't WING it. (bad puns master)
It's probably just me, but that Hypno looks a lot less scary when they're trying to be.
When are you posting again??