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So I found this comic the other day called Suihira? It's absolutely gorgeous, y'all should check it out if you haven't.

Author Notes

Crunch time for school, so it's a little rushed but that's how it be when you wanna weekly update :'D

Also shoutout to y'all in the comments, reading them has honestly been a great time and given me a lot of motivation and joy to look at. Even if I'm not always addressing them up here in the author comment, it means a lot when y'all take the time to say something on my pages <3
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I’ve already said this a billion times but I LOVE THAT HYPNO
And ahaha Riley’s reaction she’s so cuuuuuute
Milo lives! But what will Team Plasma do next?
Milo is gonna be PISSED OFF when he gets to shore... If that Hypno knows what's good for himself he'll start running!
Well if Riley got thrown then he would be more dead than Milo cuz types
considering u just threw a half-asleep Milo into the lake, y would Riley be a bit trepidatious? youre a condescending douchebag
* wouldnt
I'm guessing the next page will be something like
"... yes I will" Throws Riley into the lake.
Am i the only one that thought he threw him in to wake him up? o-o;;
I don't like this guy. He seems like kind of an ass.

Set him on fire, Riley.
I'm both a lurker and a batch reader, but I am aware that the odd comment is a cheap way to pay for more awesome comics. I've been known to leave an "oh, yeah, I'm here, nothing to say, busy reading" when it gets quiet. Usually though? I'm the quiet one.
Wouldn't put it past ya at this point
yep, that hypno is definitely related to the drowzee in pokemon explores of time, sky and darkness.

Though it appears to me that Milo can't really swim and needs to be rescued from the lake.
Riley's like "I think I'll pass"
love the original takes on the Pokemon designs
they look fantastic
yeah i kinda do think he'll throw Riley in the lake