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Anyways I have never drawn a splash before in my life before this kdjfhg
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Milo has gone ANGRY
Milo is filled with D E T E R M I N A T I O N

Either that or he's pissed off
@TheJGamer: Probably a little of both... but mostly he's just pissed off.
I love that hypno XDD

also Milo is P I S S E D O F F
And then he drowned and Hypno was arrested for murder, The End
Congratulations. You successfully ambushed a half-asleep child a third your size while acting as an official representative of a humanitarian organization.

You're the real combat prodigy here, Hypno.
Hahaha, love the sarcasm in they Hypno's text...even if she did try to kill someone.
Well, if anything Milo is awake now listen here, u little shit... the poor thing is a CHILD, who had a very long night HELPING pokemon. youre not a very good representative for the rescue teams let alone a proper judge of character and whos good enough for the rescue team...because quite frankly, Mr. Hyno, youre a complete and utter asshole.
.................i'm arguing w/ a comic...
Milo boutta smack someone Also that's a really good splash, wouldnt've guessed you'd never drawn one before :o
Well that woke milo up
Oooh boy That splash is very good. Also, I'm wondering if Hypno id being a jerk, or testing Milo. Or maybe he has thing against Milo for whatever reason.
Torchic in that second panel looks like he's about to charge into the water himself without a worry about type effectiveness xD

Milo's about to launch himself out of the water into Hypno's face for a good old fashion Mauling.
Get outta dat water and do something cool Milo
lmao this hypno.
I have a feeling here comes a pokemon adventure comic eevee moment, or in other words it's Vayporeon time!

At lest the waters not that deep.
@Anon#3547: They can't evolve without the stones, remember?
@Bugster: read the pokemon adventure comic volume 3, that eevee could turn into each of the original 3 eeveelutions without the stones. Plus there could be evolution stone in the lake, whiscash had to have evolved somewhere
@Anon#3547: Yeah but the stones currently aren't working.
@Bugster: The difference there is in the Pokémon Adventures manga the eevee there was subject to experimentation from Team Rocket which allowed it to switch between the three eeveelutions. Once it subsequently evolved into Espeon, it lost that ability. Milo here as far as we know doesn't have this same backstory so I don't think that's going to work. Plus, I don't think we want Milo touching any of those stones.