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*leans in close to the mic* Goodbye you little shit
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PFSKTS Jeeze Hypno has no chill!
That's what u get for sleeping at the interview, little floof
Hypno: I've always wanted to do that
The Pokemon known for putting people to sleep woke up someone by grabbing and throwing them.

How ironic.
@Bt Man-Shadowy Hero From 200X: Holy shit I didn't even consider that s;kjdhg
hahaha omg Milo's face as hes flying through the air over the water is absolutely hilarious XD
RIP Milo
Why do i have the feeling the Drowzee in explorers of time, sky and darkness is this hypno's little sibling and the Whiscash who owns the lake will probably not be pleased by milo landing on him.
Wake up call.

Or, I guess it's more of a wake up THROW.
TRAINING BEGINS NOW! *throw* ...You weren't ready.
@AgentNein: Omg, i died a little inside :''D
awesome work!
*See the flying eevee* Welp he dead
HAH! I CALLED IT!!! I just *KNEW* they would fight it out!
Spam rip in the chat
At first when the artstyle changed I found it pretty weird, but I have to say, it really grew on me how you interpret the pokemon to make them look realistic. I still have some trouble with Milo, I always think of Eevees as squirrel/fox mizes and he looks more like a dog to me, but he's certainly adorable.

Anyway! I hope it goes well for them! Poor Milo, he's only tired because he's been helping all night long. Hopefully Caterpie will be able to pitch in in his favor. I also feel sorry for Riley, he has no idea why Milo isn't pulling his weight at all suddenly...

That Hypno is really intimidating, at any rate! Riley should get bravery points just for talking back!
Same. Personally, I feel like Eevees, even with a more realistic look, should have a shorter snout, and I'm not a big fan of the way the ears are drawn. That said, I do really love the art style as a whole, just a few personal nitpicks really.
I can't believe Milo is effing dead.
this bitch empty... YEET
Eevee and its evolutions r meant to be canine-like creatures, w/ mixes of other animals depending on the evolution, but fox is the most predominate across all species
whoops, my previous comment was meant towards Avistew
Why can I see Whiscash getting really pissy at Hypno like "Dude this kid just spent the entire night resetting up tents for people he doesn't know give him a break" Or Caterpie using stringshot to help Milo. Or Milo himself just tearing Hypno a new one.
well that escalated quickly...
Na na na na

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Hey Heeeey