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but helping pokemon without risking a neck is more boring than helping them and risking a neck
Hypno stop bullying them ;^(
god I love this hypno so much, they would make a great mom and i just want to buy them a coffee for their troubles ;w;
I like this Hypno. They're making sure these two younglings know exactly what they are getting into when it comes to being a rescue team without being overly mean about it. Just asking questions to make the two of them think.

Well one of them anways. Milo seems to be falling asleep on his feet.
@Roccy: Or they could just challenge him... kinkalike a test of sorts.
Maybe Caterpie would speak up about how they rescued him?
Hypno if you crush Riley's dreams I'll crush your skull
thats a really good question for the Hypno. Thanks for the updates.
Short response: "You'd be surprised."

Long response: "Because if they could get themselves out of it, they probably wouldn't have got themselves into it in the first place - unless they thought they could but couldn't. Bad stuff happens; ambushes, biting off more than is chewable, plain old freak accidents that no one could see coming. Maybe someone is out somewhere and gets jumped by a geared-up crew of thieves, or maybe a rockfall gets multiple of their appendages trapped. In that situation, it doesn't really matter how strong they are, or that by all normal measures it should be them saving us and not the other way around. They're just gonna be glad that we're looking for butts to save, instead of tending a camp and letting them be someone else's problem. Everyone needs someone watching their back sometimes. And I might not be freakin' Super, uh, mon, but I'm not exactly helpless either. THAT'S why."
@Shotgun Chuck: *Slowly claps with no sarcasm at all*
Hypno's having fun.

Also, is it just me, or is the fourth panel here the same as on the previous page except for the arm?
@Nikary Flare: And a bit more shading.
listen, Hypno, size and age/evolution doesnt matter! just let them be a rescue team! stop bullying them, u jerk!
Owww... Why did this make my stomach hurt reading it o-o
Now this is interesting. For a variety of reasons. You see experience talking, some being that has been there, and done that. It's neat difference. Of youthful idealism, vs, realistic experience.

And a different take than many do.
Just wanted to let you know, I saw this comic in an ad when reading another comic on Smackjeeves, and I have to say I'm glad! This has been great so far, and has definitely earned a spot in my RSS reader!
*Hypno looks depressed.*