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Author Notes

Me too little dude.

I've got some notes and stuff on Caterpie and Metapod available for patrons if you're interested ;D Man I love these bugs. (Patrons also get these pages on Friday if I have em done by then~)

Elsewise you can send me a tip here <3

Every bit helps and thank y'all for reading and commenting! <3

EDIT: Accidentally set this thing initially to show up Friday instead of Sunday, whoops. Still figuring out this scheduling thing, sorry for the confusion :'D
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I love how you draw pokemon. You give them realistic looks and I like that. Keep up the good job! \o/
*Bug phobia goes off* I mean it is neat that its realistic. But when its so realistic that that the bug phobias go off, i dont really know what to call it.
I don't know which eye to look at
Aww, Milo's got a fan!
Would Caterpie tell the Hypno that Milo was helping all of last night to excuse Milo's lateness and make the team look better?
@Someone: metapods could crawl like caterpies dude
I wonder what pokemon the asked to help move the metapod into the tent? they sure look heavy.

Sleepy milo uses sleep, it's super effective.
I'm sure this won't go poorly at all~
Omg I just realized those are the caterpie's eyes wow
I honestly really love all the realistic pokemon designs! Though I also actually like bugs, so I can understand anybody with a bug phobia not being so thrilled haha.
Woah I just came around this comic today and i read whole so far and I must say i'm very impressed how you managed to improve through it ! cant wait for another page! Love this ^^
oh love the new design for caterpie and it's revolutions.
Aw hell, it was cute before, why did you have to make it not cute???