Milos from Home


Author Notes

I aaaaaalmost drew a little klink above Milo in the second to last panel because, y'know, gears turning. Very rusty gears :'D
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Me in the mornings
@ShadowStalker1128: Same here, dude, same here...
Wow Gotta say, man, I love your style. Really unique and harmonious; thumbs up!
Milo's like "nope"
This is my problem with the whole "saving the world" business - I don't do mornings.

Why can't destiny ever wait until, say, noon-ish?
Poor Milo, up all night fixing tents and when he finally gets to sleep he gets woken up by Riley.

on the plus side He's in the food tent!
Everyone else seems to think that Milo's just not a morning person, but I'm getting the impression something's actually wrong.
@Flexico: Whoops, it registered me as a guest for some reason. :/
Looks like this little Eevee has Slow Start

(basically the shittiest ability ever for anyone who doesn't know)
Same, Milo. Same.
For some reason I had/have an alert on this comic even though the last update was five days ago and I already checked it. Coulda sworn it was back on top my list for a moment too. Accidental early upload of the next page maybe?
@Shotgun Chuck: Yeah that's exactly what happened :'D Patreon and Smackjeeves are set up kinda backwards from each other for scheduling posts where Patrons can see things early, so it's a little confusing for me. No worries though, the page will be up properly 5pm Sunday
@AgentNein: Now see, if I had a smartphone, the results could have been disastrous. Well, maybe. Is there a SmackJeeves app somewhere?