Milos from Home


Author Notes

Rest in anxious bird child.

Some reply things:
- Page before last, Butterfree mentioned Whiscash asked for a tent for Butterfree and her fam, so that's where they currently live while they figure out where to go from here. They probably could go without it, but they're certainly more comfortable.
- For anyone confused on which species as what, to be perfectly honest I just wanted to get in the look of there being pokemon around. It's mostly vague scribbles. (I probably forgot to color in the bed and butt of the pokemon sleeping in the tent looking at it though.)
- Butterfree didn't kick Milo, he's not feeling super great and he's going to work and distract himself from it :'D

Thank you to everyone who commented and reads! Also happy birthday ArisuOkami!
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Poor Riley
No worries, Milo's just being a helpful fluff.
I'll guess i will go with sandshew since this is a red and blue game , i will call it a nuzlock when a part of the team dies.
@Anon #3547: the author brutally murdered a chicken on screen did you see the steam coming out of her eyes what more proof is needed