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*Screams and ready's flamethrower the Butterfree's new look*
Nice acquaintance to make to prepare for the storm there
Notes to author, make buterfree's fangs smaller and lose the second pair of arms, the fluff looks great though.

6/10 for butterfree's new look.

Anyhow, looks like there should be a background pokemon huddling or peeking out of a tent.
@Anon#3547: Notes to this reader: How about you support this artist's Patreon? That way, you can get access to early design sketches and put your feedback there before the artist spends a painstaking amount of hours developing a free-to-read comic just for commentors to leave judgmental reviews. Supporting artists you like is a win-win.
@Anon#3548: ... It was constructive criticism.
That is the cutest thing I've ever seen, fluffy six-limbed Butterfree is a win to me!
Whoa that's a great looking butterfly! Loving the switch up of design. Looks so much more natural.
Have I mentioned how much I love butterfree's design update? Because HOT DANG does it show how far you've come in improving! I've always wondered why Gamefreak is so afraid of giving bug pokemon 6 legs like they deserve, this seems like a perfect blend of irl studies and fantasy elements. I would let butterfree eat me with those mandibles.

Everything else is as fantastic as ever, keep up the good work! (p.s., I need to know where I can get my own fluffy Milo baby aaaaa)
O no! you spelled Butterfree wrong on the 3rd panel
Like the butterfree. Also, knowing the right people can be pretty awesome.