Milos from Home


Author Notes

Pokemon that just got out of a bad cave-in set off by an earthquake may not have the most rational response to another and Milo is Very Small. :'D
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inb4 that Nidoking set off the quake
Me when my alarm clock is activated on weekend...
He sure does look cranky

can't blame him though, I'd be cranky too if I were woken up by an earthquake
@DKWIdoin: Don't move to California, then.
yay, I was right. ^U^

love the comic hope you keep doing this till it's done.
Nooooo Milo looks so sad in the last slide ;-;
Eh everyone says it looks cranky but the Nidoking looks more like it's in pain
I like to think the Nidoking just ran facefirst into a tree or something
I've finally been able to log in and see the comics I've missed, I must say it's been hellish for me and this comic just warms me just by reading through it. Although it's sad to catch up it definitely helps that I've built up some good anxiety towards the next page being out whenever. Thanks again for posting this wonderful comic and I love the style change.