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N's not really that significant here, I just like drawing him and he happens to be an exception to the humans not being able to understand pokemon thing. Or it could be significant. Up to you really~

Author Notes

So, way back when during that scene with the Blaziken, people were confused or thought it's be weird to call each other by species name, and I said back then I'd explain it later, and here it is! I spent a decent bit of time trying to think about how I wanted to handle pokemon talking and how that worked, and eventually, this is what I came up with. It ties into some other things, but I think that's most of what should be relevant for now with this comic.

Also thank you to everyone who's commented, I very much appreciate all of them, even when I can't get back to them all individually <3
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Random aside: another fanfic author had meaning among pokemon be a function of which parts of a syllable were stressed & whatnot, and had humans able to learn to understand them with practice. Still another had effectively the same thing, except the last part wasn't there, as shown in one scene where a trainer's new pokemon (speaking English, as all in their work apparently can) repeatedly, minutely corrects said trainer on his name before remembering that "humans can't hear the difference".
Yes, this is such a good explanation for something I never even really thought of
Darnit I can't come up with cool complex explanations
I just take a shortcut and say if you're raised by them you pick up most of their language naturally.
good logic

Seriously, this is a great way of explaining the Pokemon language in the PMD universe.
I like this explanation.
UNEXPECTED N CAMEO or maybe it's not a cameo and he's actually an integral part of the story

or not

it's whatever
This should be canon in the actual pokemon franchise, it's not complicated yet it's not too plain of an explanation
Wait, I thought Milo was a boy?
nice explanation. BTW, im under the same name in the nuzlocke forums, just spotted it posted over here and I prefer this website.
ah yes the per-packaged psychic ability also comes with the ability to shoot lazers!