Milos from Home

Gotta love them trees

Author Notes

What's this? An early update? :O

In all seriousness though, I'm super excited because this marks the end of Chapter One! I'm gonna be taking a short break to work on some things before I get into the next chapter, (shouldn't be more than a month, no worries) which brings me to my next announcement, the next chapter's going to be done in single pages on a hopefully weekly schedule! We'll see how it goes, it'll be different for me for sure, but if I like it, I'll stick with it, and hopefully it'll help me stay consistent once school kicks in~ If y'all wanna see what the single pages will look like, the last four updates including this one were actually made in a way that breaks down into single pages which you can see here:
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Nice new comic cover. That's sure to attract a bit more attention.

I'm looking forward to the new chapter! Things are really interesting in this world.
"I can see the camp but they can't see me"

Sounds like a stealth mission...

@AgentNein: Congrats on finishing the first chapter! Take a good, well-deserved rest~
With that new cover you are the only person I've ever seen who has managed to make an Eevee look serious, menacing, and otherwise impressive. You're also probably one of the only ones who's ever tried.
Inb4 milo becomes obsessed with the shiny and has to destroy it in a volcano

that or it ends up being worth 5 Rupees.
@Nashew: I don't get the first of those two references, but I like the second.