Milos from Home

Well, we've escaped the flashback, but will we ever get out of Thunderwave Cave?

Author Notes

Aaaand we're out of the flashback :'D

Keep in mind here though, Milo doesn't know about all that. The only parts Riley actually said were in the light orange rectangles, and there's no mention of a personal experience, just a general explanation. Anyways, early upload since I'm gonna be at con all weekend \o/
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Milo looks different. Cute
I love the way you drew Milo!
Ah, Milo. Risking life and limb to do what's right.

Nice profile picture! I like it!
MILO HAS CHANGED I'm okay with this he looks cute
Milo is a work of art, and is probably going to get himself killed.

I love it.
The way Milo changed, I like it