Milos from Home

Thank god it's done I never want to do a page this complicated again ever

Author Notes

Oof, got this out a little later than I'd hoped but here we are \o/ Incidentally, I hadn't planned any of this going this way when I initially came up with the evolution stone encounter so Riley could explain them, it just sort of...happened :'D I'm never doing a page with all this nonsense again though holy god. Oh yeah and please pretend there are sound effects as fitting I have no idea how to do those;; She did not go quietly into that good night :'D Anyways hopefully this turned out alright~

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Ouch. So that's how we get the wild bitches in em dungeons.
Holy... 0-0
Damn, son, she might've bit the dust, but that has got to be one of the most metal deaths I've seen in a pokemon story.
This was incredible. Congratulations on making one of the most successfully disturbing sequences I've ever seen in a Pokémon story. Very well-done.
Wellp that didn't go like she planned.
Congrats, you've scarred him for life.

And me.
I'm scarred now too.

Jesus. Now I think twice before evolving my Pokemon.
Holy FRICK. Poor Riley! D=
I was re-reading the series so far out of boredom, and this page makes page 13 have a whooole new level of impact. No wonder Riley freaked when Milo went near the evolution stone. D=
wow, you made things really intense in the best way I could imagine.
RIP Rileys innocence
Oh. Characters in comics weren't supposed to crack up like this, but it's got me hooked. (watches eagerly)
Wow, this page just reaches a whole 'nother level!
"Oof, got this out a little later than I'd hoped but here we are"

. . .


everything is black
can anyone explain to what happens on this page ?