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Highly recommend On Borrowed Time by the way if you're looking for other PMD comics ;3

Author Notes

Not much to say here, have a page~
Replies @XExoPantherX: Thank you!

@Nashew: I'm glad! xD I'm looking forward to not drawing them for a while tbh

@Guest: Yep, the Infernape and Blaziken lines have very similar family structures and a wider sort of, group/community structure. It's easy enough for their kids to follow them to a meeting place on the volcano as the groups tend to live together in these communities. The Charizard line is more solitary and tend to live as small nuclear family units in more isolated caves further out that other pokemon cave difficulty reaching. Charizard can fly, where their pre-evolutions can't as well, so it's be much more difficult for a Charmander or Charmeleon to follow unless the Charizard specifically brought them.
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This is really nice page,
All these fully-evolved Pokemon in one page. This comic never ceases to impress me with every update. =D
Torchic and Chimchar non-final evolutions are eavesdropping, but not the Charmanders?