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Fancy Chickens

Author Notes

Ooof, why did I decide drawing fully evolved pokemon was a good idea ever. xD Also Blaziken is an odd duck of a pokemon. Odd chicken, maybe.

EDIT: OKAY SO I FORGOT TO ADD THIS BUT!! The fakemon at the bottom is called Nocturnace, design belonging to the incredible Z-nogyrop! Here is the link to the post!

Incidentally, this would be a good time to mention if you have fakemon designs you'd like to see in the comic, feel free to send them to me and I may include them at some point~
Replies! @ZHODY the delfinator: THANK YOU FOR REMINDING ME I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO CREDIT Z! ;v; Anyways, as the comment now say, that is a fakemon, so no worries xD

@Maic Modnar: Thank you! And there is and explanation for that, I just haven't gotten to it yet. xD I don't think it'll come up naturally, so I may have to make an extra where I explain this.

@Nashew: :')

@Ultizeta: Oh? I didn't realize this was a thing actually, but I made a quick cover page xD And oh my god, that's really flattering of you to say. ;w;
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*wonders if I misremember what noivern looks like, googles it*

No, Noivern just looks weird here... Is it supposed to be a special Noivern or am I guessing the Pokemon wrong?
I really like how you did the expressions in this page. They're very... well, expressive!

The name thing does have me curious, though. How do they know which Blaziken they're talking to..?
Well, that's sure not a good.
You should put up a cover page on this comic's Smack Jeeves profile. Comics without the cover can't be found on the main SJ website, and a comic this well-written and drawn deserves to be seen by a lot more than just the people who already have it in their favorites.
@AgentNein: Oh okay, neat!

*thinks of my Fire/Ice Kotatsu Glider Bear Pokemon* That's probably too much.