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It's been a while, but what can I say, life happens~
Replies @Maic Modnar: Thank you, it's good to be back ^^ And yep, indeed it is Riley :'D

@Nashew: Same, to be honest, and I'm glad for your comment too! ^^ And thank you~

@XlvMkaydvlX: Thanks!! 'm glad you like it! And good to be back, thank you for still following!

@Ryan Prower: Well, it's probably not the right time to talk about that though. xD

@TeddiGuy04: Yep yep!! And oh my gosh, thank you, I'm happy to be able to give one!
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Welcome back to the land of the living! It's good to see another update!

Also, that Torchic in the middle panels who couldn't evolve is Riley, isn't it? I feel bad for the little guy.
So glad to see this updating!

I like this explanation for evolution. It makes more sense than "you leveled up" for a story like this.
Really like how you gave a little piece of the partner's backstory while simultaneously explaining a story mechanic! Really makes the story flow super smoothly while also not making a character's past seem "forced", for lack of a proper explanation on my part.

Also, welcome back! Really nice surprise to see another one of your updates this morning.
@AgentNein: not to mention eevees evolve into nearly all types of the main but I don't think the torchic might know it at all.
Not this page too I can't read it
@Henry: I'm not sure if you'll see this since it's a guest account but are you having similar issues with other comics? There might be a browser issue or something on your end.