Milos from Home

Haha wow too much background happening I will not be able to maintain this after these caves.

Author Notes

Sorry for the wait, life is busy :'D

Also I like drawing rocks.
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nobody is boulder than Milo
aaahh so many cute pokemon on this page~ I like the mighyena with the glasses and all the lil' rattata's around the raticate >w< (and of course the main characters too omg aahh)
This page ROCKS!
Milo quit embarrassing yourself dangit. x3
Can we just talk about that Raticate
please continue
@AgentNein: you still drawing them rocks, eh.
Milos don't give a 'karp about what other Pokemon think, he will speak his mind!
I can't read this page I CANT READ THIS I DO NOT KNOW DAE WAY
The pages won’t load ;n;
go to the archive and select the next page