Milos from Home


Author Notes

I actually got un-poisoned in-game by beating a poochyena that was holding a pecha berry. This dungeon was hell for such a short beginner dungeon.

Also is there a way to reply to comments with out it flooding my comic page with my own replies? If not I will make individual relies when I am not running on 2 hours of sleep. Thank you for commenting!
Replies! @Maka152: Hah, true.

@rave917: Oh man, I'm glad you like it that much! xD

@Tehpikachu: Thank you so much! This will be incredibly helpful!

@WiispNightmare: Lol, yep. That gosh-darned fourth wall.

@Flamelight7: Neveeeeer :v

@X man (Guest): While I know this won't work as a ping, if you check back here you should still see. I started working on the next page yesterday.

Between now and when I last updated, I've finally got around to doing gameplay and a little long-term planning for my other comic, Journey for Truth, which is my main focus. Milos from Home is a side comic I started to take a break when I get stuck with JfT. This is partly responsible for the sporadic update times.

In any case, I apologize for the long waits. Hopefully I'll have a new page ready for y'all soon enough!
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Its the thought that counts ;D
I waited weeks for this, I'm so thrilled
@AgentNein; on my comic, i reply to people by making a single new comment and editing it whenever i have new replies. having the "@" will still tag them, even if it's an edit c:
Poor Milo, he basically just was told he wasn't good enough
He needs a huggle *attempts*
*fourth wall blocks* darn...
Milo, stop acting like you're not dying.
@AgentNein: Well, this being a nuzlocke, Milo will have plenty of chances to lower his morale and practice dying.
Question, is this going on hiatus, or are you just tacking a brake?
I still love this comic it's amazing and really interesting so far