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I'm really interesred on the ruleset of such a nuzlock. Really liking this though. Keep it up
@Ionic Defibrillator: Oh, maybe I should add a page explaining the rules then? I'm fairly new to this site, and I just kind of posted all the pages at once without making certain notes I did on other sites.

The ruleset is fairly simple. I can only recruit the first pokemon that asks to join in each dungeon. Storyline pokemon like Magnemite and Absol are also accepted. A KO is death, but in later dungeons, I am allowed to carry two reviver seeds because quite frankly, the bosses, pokemon, and mosterhouses in later dungeons can be a little bit bullshit.

I hope this clears things up. :)
I LOVE all the world building going on in this comic, it explains lots of things really well, like the teleport gems, rescue teams and mystery dungeons.
@Flamelight7: Thanks! :D I wasn't intending to get into much world-building when I started, but I guess there are just too many things about the PMD verse that bother me. :P
@AgentNein: Yeah, it always bothered me how you instantly teleported from the town to some dungeon on the other side of the region.
I know it's called thunderwave cave
@WiispNightmare: Ehehe, I couldn't resist. :'D I adore Chargestone Cave, and it WORKS for Thunderwave.
I love the lore you've come up with AgentNein! It feels very believable.

Also though, Pokemon Square is a really weird name for a town, thinking about it now. It's kinda like there being a place called "Human Square."
Naw is there another reason but time issues that you chanced to black and wite?

Anyway. I really like how you brought the game to live. I am looking forward to this comic.
Ha, sandgem town
Panels 9 and 10 are so cute
can anyone read the small text in panel 23, I can't see what it says?