Milos from Home

Man I don't wanna do this, I just got my fanart and extra art looking nice too lmao

Author Notes

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT First off, sorry for pulling that page thing, I don't know how many people actually look at the author's notes, but this time it's kind of important.

So remember that April Fool's cover I did? Of all things I thought might happen, getting de-listed on Smackjeeves was not one of them. Admin didn't like the dark bars on the side, and told me basically to crop it (removing an important feature of the cover) or make a new one entirely if I couldn't modify the design to work without sidebars.

Private messages got me nowhere, so I moved onto a suggestions thread to lodge a more formal complaint, and, well, despite pretty much every other person in the thread being on my side, Admin's not budging on this sidebars thing. You can see the thread here if you're curious:

As far as I know, Admin's the only one with any kind of authority. I don't know of any other oversight, so he gets to do whatever he wants I guess. Even if it was an April Fools Cover (though I plan on making one after the design for my actual cover since I liked how it turned out so much) I'm not super comfortable putting my work on a site where the administrator insists on micro-managing my design choices behind the scenes.

So, for the time being at least, I'm probably not going to be uploading to Smackjeeves anymore. I'll leave what I've done up, along with this sort of notice of where people can find the comic if they'd still like to follow it. It's, not something I'm really excited to do, honestly. I really liked the layout and reading your comments, it super made my day any time I got one even if I'm not always good at responding. But, that's how it goes sometimes I guess.

Linking to other comic-hosting sites is against the rules I think, so as I said on the page, you can google it to find it on Tapas, it's the first thing that comes up. All the pages are also public on my Patreon: ( )
There's also the Nuzlocke Forums: ( )
and Deviantart:( )

I hope y'all who enjoy reading Milos from Home will like it enough to read (and maybe comment?) on other sites! If not, that's fine too, I appreciate your readership up to this point! <3

Thank y'all for reading again, and I hope y'all understand, it wasn't an easy decision for me haha.
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It's okay, I understand! I'll make sure to continue following the adventure on Tapas~ =D
@TheJGamer: Thanks for the support!
Totally understand your decision here and support it fully. Vague policy issues besides, moving to Tapas will likely be a big benefit for you.

(Web dev rant incoming)

Personally I follow most comics on my phone, and SJ is quite bad at supporting mobile devices (cutting off the right half of the picture and not letting it scroll sideways, for one). Tapas is literally built from the ground up with this in mind.

I wish you the best of luck! I'll be seeing you on Tapas!~
@Kambo: Yeah, I'd actually meant to start uploading to Tapas for a while, this was just kind of, the kick in the butt needed to finally do it I guess, though I wish I felt able to stay on SJ too haha. Look forward to seeing you around Tapas ovo b
well good luck, already fave in tapas and watching on deviant art.
@Experiment04LLZ: Thanks!
Well that's ridiculous, I don't blame you for leaving. My comment seems to have been deleted from the news post, but I've definitely seen plenty of comic covers with borders to meet the size, so I don't get it. Heck, I almost did that with one of my comics!

I've subscribed to the Tapas RSS feed so even though I don't have an account there, I'll still follow you. Best of luck!
@Pokemontrainergigi: Oof, yeah sorry about that, I meant to DM you and whoever else commented before I deleted the post. It wasn't the worst thing to leave up but a little childish maybe :'D

And yeah, I dunno man, maybe it's just when admin happens to be looking? *shrug* Thank you for the support though!
Uh... No offense dude, but the admin is in the right here. If I understand it right, you did break the rules by having that cover.
@Endulos: Nah, I'm pretty sure you didn't understand it right, please read the thread if there's any confusion.

There's no rule currently in place about not being allowed to have sidebars or borders, and in fact one of the things I requested in the thread is if this was going to continue being something the admin enforced, that it be formalized in official rules somewhere rather than passed along in DMs behind the scenes.

I still haven't seen anything done to that effect, and if that really does end up becoming an official rule in the end, it's a ridiculous rule I'm not interested in subjecting myself to at the moment.
It says something about the state of the site that they're willing to un-list a fairly popular comic, over an April-fools cover, having sidebars.

Especially since I think I saw the admin say that cover boarders are ok in that thread.
@42Meep: *shrug* It never came up that it was an April Fools cover, honestly I was a little surprised. If there should be any objection to the cover I think it'd be misrepresenting my comic :'D

But yeah, he's willing to allow borders if they're even, but not using sidebars, which in his view, cheats the ratio recommendation.
Oh we'll, it was nice reading this here but I guess I will go on tapas :/
@Aeon#3547: Sorry bout the trouble, but look forward to seeing you there~
I thought it looks good, the only thing that could pass is being slightly deceptive on the fact the real characters are not humanoid. I am with you though, the rules are rather vague on the covers, and the ones that are clear make sense. Good luck, I want to know what happens to Milo.
@IdontCaboose: Thank you! And yeah, I wouldn't have left it up forever for that reason. I hope you like what I got planned!
I'll be following you and your comic over to Tapas. It's too good to allow to fall to the wayside, and if SJ wants to try to bully you for no reason, good riddance I say.
@Guest: Aw omg, thank you! I'll be happy to have you there <3
@AgentNein: You've kept me entertained with your hard work, the least I can do is follow your comic where it goes =3
@AgentNein: Problem solution:If you try putting both characters into side view and in battle pose, and the title overhead,maybe it will look better.

Edit:I hope you see this message.
@Darvin: I appreciate the desire to help, but the problem isn't really that I'm not capable of making a new cover to the admin's specifications, but the fact that I'm being punished for not doing so, especially when it's nowhere in the current rules.

It's a design choice I should be allowed to make for whatever reason I want whether it's to the admin's (or anyone else's) personal tastes or not. Thank you though :'D
@AgentNein: You're welcome.

Can't say I tried but I hope you're fine with it.Can't stand it if someone is in pain due to depression and loss.
I've followed you on Deviantart as well as here, so I guess I'll be reading your comic there. I was looking at the post and it just seems really over the top. I've really enjoyed both your comics so far and can't wait to see more.
@EonFive: Thank you! Yeah I was honestly surprised at about every turn there :'D My hope is just that, other people will see and comment so the problem just doesn't get ignored and fall to the wayside
I guess I’ll just follow on DA. I’m a bit disappointed since SJ is more convient for me, but understand where you’re coming from and support your decision to move. :3
@ShadowStalker1128: Thank you, and same honestly. I'm really fond of SJ's layout and structure as a website, I just wish it was run a little different. :'D
Okay...that's very dumb of the admin to push such a minor quibble imo. I like the sidebars myself.

And really? "Linking to other comic-hosting sites is against the rules"? Geez louise.

I was actually considering starting my own webcomic here, but I'm starting to not like this site now.

I'll follow you elsewhere if I can!
@Charem: I can't remember for sure if the rule about linking other comic hosting sites is against the rules, but, to be on the safe side, y'know?

Also I'd honestly suggest you let admin know that on the thread. I started it so other people could make their opinions known. If anything could change his mind, I'd imagine it'd be more voices and the belief that ultimately it would have a negative effect on the website. Can't say for sure but, y'know.

I appreciate the following though, thank you, and good luck with your webcomic, I'm always happy to hear about other people starting their own projects <3
@AgentNein: I was debating doing that so heck, sure. I have some unique experiences relevant to this matter anyways. Here's my post.

Also I did make a couple sarcastically-toned tweets last night, heh.

But yes, I followed you on tapas... New to that site, but I think I followed correctly!
shouldn't there be more than one admin? also why the ever loving fuck should they care about how you draw your comics? as long as it isn't against the rules it really shouldn't matter. no matter, hopefully you'll get more viewers on the new site and maybe there are some proper admins in charge. so see ya there.

So apparently side bars are against the rules because the admin wants the cover to be an exact size even if the sidebars provide a bit of style. (which i think it does)gods this is so fucking stupid... they're like that one kid at a birthday party that doesn't get the biggest piece of cake and then starts crying and screaming about it. y'know what Agent? why don't you just stop posting on Smack Jeeves until the admin gets his shit together
@LordGimsbury: i very much agree with the handsome fellow here
Well, sorry! I understand your situation and I really like your comic but the bad part is im probably not going to go to other sites that much unless i want to delete this one from my fav's. ... I got an idea! Are you able to let us know when your going to start uploading to smackjeeves again when the time comes? I'd appreciate it if you can! Again, I understand your situation and it's fine. Ill be able to read on! lol Love the comics to! ;)
that sounds kinda unfair... i understand u moving on. i wish u all the luck! :D i'll follow u on DA and continue reading on Tapas!
I'll keep reading your comic no matter where it is, it's pretty good!
I'm sorry the Admins forced your hand. I prefer Tapas anyway, your comic was one of the few reasons I ever even went on Smackjeeves. I personally find Tapas to be way easier to navigate, especially between different comics. In order to find anything on Smackjeeves again I ended up having to bookmark the most recent page to come back to ^.^;;